7 tips to improve playing the basketball

In This article we will be looking at 7 tips to improve playing the basketball game.

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7 tips to improve playing the basketball

1. Put ball control first.

Improving your dribbling skills is the simplest way to improve as a basketball player. To practise this skill, begin in a centred athletic position, with your nose behind your toes and your hips loaded but not leaning forward. Keep your body still and athletic while handling the ball. Dribble aggressively with a knee-to-hip bounce height. Dribbling in that sweet spot keeps the ball close to your shot pocket, which will help you become a more efficient shooter.

The more force you apply to each dribble, the more control you’ll have over the ball. During your daily practise, practise dribbling with both hands. Work on three basic ball-handling moves as well: the crossover, between the legs, and behind the back. Create combination dribbles to use during games once you’ve established a solid foundation with these moves. You can make use of your

2. Improve your weaknesses.

To improve, work on your weaknesses. If you struggle at free throws, spend more time practising them. Is your non-dominant hand comfortable dribbling? If not, practise dribbling with that hand. To become an elite player, you must identify and eliminate your flaws.

3. Game-speed practice.

Any player can use good form during solo dribbling or shooting sessions, but it can be difficult to maintain that form during a game when fans are cheering. If you practise well but play poorly in games, you may not be practising at game speed. When practising basketball skills alone, pretend you’re being guarded to mimic game pace. Defenders won’t give you time to plant your feet and slowly follow through with your shot, so practise at game speed. Otherwise, your practise time could be wasted.

4. focus on Fitness.

Basketball players need endurance to play the whole game. You can’t help your team with your basketball skills if you’re struggling after five minutes. Light runs, weightlifting, and wind sprint drills help build court endurance. These exercises will increase your court stamina. You’ll be a more aggressive player with more muscle mass.

5. Practice ballhand alignment.

Hand positioning affects feel, spin, connection, and release control. Position your dominant hand’s index finger on the ball’s air valve. Practice form shots to get used to this position’s centre. Leave some space between the ball and your palm when holding it with your finger pads. As you line up your shot, look at the two or three rim hooks facing you and drop the ball just over the rim. Higher release points make it harder for defenders to block shots. Keep your elbow and wrist in line with the basket as you release the ball, extending your arm so your elbow is above your eye. Put your shooting hand’s index finger on the ball’s air valve and let it rest in your hand to feel the center. Take 10 shots, starting with the air valve. Take 10 more shots by hand without looking for the air valve.

6. Improve your shooting form.

Every part of a great shooter’s body must work together for their shots. Every good shot starts low. Start by pointing your toes in the same direction, then square them with the rim to find your natural stance. Load your lower body by pressing your foot arches into the floor. Focus on letting power and energy flow from your feet through your hips and glutes. Flex your legs and square your toes, knees, and shoulders.. Stand before a mirror without a ball to practise lower body mechanics. Focus on foot positioning and lower body alignment, loading your hips, bringing your shooting hand up through your eyebrow in a clean line, and releasing with a gooseneck finish.

7. Continue watching college basketball games.

The NBA is exciting and entertaining to watch, but young players hoping to learn more about the game will find little to apply to their own team’s play. The NBA uses a 24-second shot clock, giving players little time to run offensive plays, and players rely on individual athleticism rather than teamwork. College basketball, on the other hand, has a longer shot clock and resembles the more traditional playing style of high school and youth teams. Watch how college basketball teams move the ball around the court and create scoring opportunities if you want to learn the fundamentals of team basketball.

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