About us

Hello guys, I am Praneeth Kumar here, and on this blog I will be sharing lots of useful information and articles related to Various sports & games that I enjoy playing and watching like basketball football chess cricket boxing badminton and many more.

And from this website you can expect lots of useful articles in terms of guides and useful information related to all the sports that I mentioned earlier in a quick and easy to read format.

And if you are wondering what is the name of the website so basically I live in Kolkata which is the capital city of West Bengal In india and I found a beautiful looking domain name as my family and my birth place is in Tamil Nadu so I thought it Is a good combination of both the places & Sangam means collaboration or connection in English so I bought the domain name and This website is in NO way associated or affiliated to any organisation, It is just my own personal blog where I share information related to all the sports.