9 Advantages & disadvantages of American football & Rugby

In this article lets take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of american football.

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Advantages and disadvantages of american football

Advantages of american football

  1. Fit body

One of the main advantages of playing American football is that it will help you get a fit body and physique which is really good.

American football is like rugby and you will be moving around quite a lot and running around on the field so depending upon the weight of the individual and the intensity of the game you will be burning anywhere between 300 to 500

calories of 1 hour of match of American football which is really great so this will not only help you lose a lot of weight but also gain a lot of muscle and get a lot of strong bones and lots of biceps and triceps so overall you will be having a fit body and this will help you keep disease like obesity and sugar or diabetes and other such things far away.

  1. Good for mind & heart

Another advantage of playing American football is that it is very good for your mind because obviously when you will be playing the game you will be moving around and running and this will help you by releasing neurotransmitters and other chemicals like endorphins

in your brain which will improve your mood and remove negative emotions like depression and anxiety and also reduce stress and release hormones like dopamine which will make you happy and because you will be

 so tired after playing the game so you will automatically get sleep so overall it is a very good game and it is also very good for your heart because your heart will be pumping out so much blood to different parts of the body so you have very less chance of facing heart attack and heart strokes or other heart disease in future.

  1. Team sport 

Another advantage of playing American football is that it is a team sport which means that it will help you build loss of friends and relationships with other people while playing the game as a matter of fact the average

 team size of American football team is around 11 players so you build lots of useful relationships and friendships with bunch of these people while playing the game and they also make lots of amazing

memories and experiences that you will cherish for the lifetime and because it is a team sport you will be learning other skills like communication networking and interpersonal skills which will help you in other parts of the life.

  1. A good career

Another age is that you can also become a professional rugby player and player of American football and you can also earn millions of dollars by ad commercials and sponsored deals of brands on social media

 platforms like Instagram and Twitter and you also get a lot of fame and recognition if you perform good in the competitions that are held worldwide and more importantly you can also get a lot of satisfaction and happiness which is very good and rugby is also a part of Olympic sport so you can win medals for the country and for yourself which is good.

  1. All other benefits of sports

And the last advantage of American football and rugby is that you will get all the other important benefits of any sport whether it is like learning important lessons of life like team working and networking and leadership skills or

 you will be learning how to work hard and stay disciplined and You will also learn how to handle failure, how to compete with others and set goals and achieve the goals and playing the Rugby and football will help you gain self

 confidence in the real life by achieving the goals so overall sports can be very beneficial for you and you can check out all the benefits and drawbacks of sports in detail here.

These are all the advantages of American football and rugby.

Disadvantages of american football

  1. injuries

One of the main disadvantages of playing rugby is that you will be getting lots of severe injuries because this game is all about flashing with people at one another without

losing the ball into the other one’s hand so obviously there is a lot of concern of injuries which makes it a big disadvantage and reason why most people actually hate and quit the game.

Some common injuries of playing this sport include things like concussions neck injuriesknee injuries fractures and shoulder dislocations ankle injuries and sprains bruises and many more.

Because of this the statistics show that one out of five players in the match of any rugby or American football will get injured and the injury depends upon the intensity and other factors so there is a high percentage of getting injured by playing this game.

  1. exhausting and time consuming

Another disadvantage of playing this game is obviously that it is very exhausting and time consuming.

For example the average match duration of rugby match is around 80 minutes and you will be burning anywhere between 300 to 600 calories for 1 hour of playing the game of Rugby or American football

 so you will be losing a lot of calories and energy while playing the game and also it is quite time consuming game so once you play the game then you cannot focus on any other thing because you will be very physically tired and exhausted so you need immediate rest.

And if you want to play American football then the average time of any American football match is around 3 hours so it is a lot more time consuming

 if you are playing American football and it is also very exhaustive to play the game so this is a main disadvantage of this game I believe other than the injuries concern.

  1. lots of physical training and strict diet

Another disadvantage of playing this game is that as I mentioned earlier you will be losing a lot of calories and energy while playing the game so you obviously need a lot of strength and diet to stay fit and play the game for long period of time as a professional sportsman so you obviously need a lot of physical training

and you also need to hire a physical trainer to help you during the process of training and you also need strict diet and lot of intake of proteins and fats from organic sources like meat so it can be very expensive to maintain your diet and training if you cannot afford it.

And your training is very important in your performance because as I mentioned earlier like American football matches last around 3 hours long and it is one of the most popular sports that is played and watched in

 America so there is a high pressure on players to perform good even though it is a team sport audience who is watching the game life and on the television will have high expectations from the players and because they gave me exhaustive and tiring for the players so having a strict diet and strong training will help the players remain energetic

throughout the game of three hours and give their 100% contribution to the team and in higher competitions like Olympics there is zero room for error and mistakes from the player so strict diet and training is very important for the players.

  1. need expensive equipment

Another disadvantage is that you also need to buy some expensive equipment if you want to be a professional sportsman of this game.

Some common equipment that is used by the players are Cleat shoes, socks, shin protector, and head gear, even though they seem to be very less but if you want to get a

 high quality ones then obviously you need to pay the price and they are quite expensive to get, you cannot afford cheap one as it can lead to bad quality of equipment, in return it can cost damage and injuries to you

 whether it is of American football or rugby both are related to clashing and getting hit on each other on the ground for the ball so you cannot afford to get a cheap quality equipment because of injuries concern so this is another big disadvantage with regards to playing American football or Rugby.

And if you compare this with normal football match or soccer then you would not need a lot of equipment like you would only need a good shoes and socks and some training equipment except for football to start playing the game.

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These are all the advantages and disadvantages of american football.

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