What makes a good chess player? Qualities & traits

In this article let’s take a look at 10 qualities that make chess players great.

So if you are wondering what are the qualities and traits that actually differentiate between normal chess players and the great players like grand Masters and professional

players then you should be reading this article till the end because I will be talking about all the important traits and qualities that are present in top and champion chess players of the world.

So without any delay let’s dive right in.

What makes a good, great chess player? Qualities and traits

So basically there are 10 important traits of most popular chess players whether it is about magnus carlsen on viswanathan Anand or Gary Kasparov, whoever the player is you will most likely find the qualities that I mentioned below in them and the list of the qualities are,

  1. Passion– a high level of passion to playing the game of chess is obviously an important quality that you will be finding in any player of chess playing at high level, sometimes it is not exaggeration to say that these players are quite addicted to playing chess because they not only play chess but think, breath and imagine chess all the time without it they would not be playing it for long period of time because reaching a point of grandmasters or somewhere near to it is not a joke as it needs a lot of dedication and determination so this is an important quality you would notice in all the players of chess at high level
  2. Open mindedness-open mindedness and willing to learn is also an important quality that you will notice in almost all the top players because chess is a game of tactics and techniques or strategies and you will be learning a lot of strategies if you are playing chess continuously both with the computer and of against any competitors and real person so if you are good at chess then you must have learnt a lot of tactics and techniques from other people that you have applied in your own game and you are also be learning a lot of these tactics online so open mindedness and willing to learn new things is a quality that you should be looking for if you want to be good at chess
  3. Patience– if someone is good at chess then it is a high chance that he is very patient person because you obviously have to learn a lot of things to be good at chess but apart from learning sometimes whatever you learn might not be really helpful in the short term so you need to be patient, patience is also important because once you make any move in chess match you cannot actually reverse it back in official games so it is very important for you to calculate all the moves so you have only one option to take the right move forward apart from this chess is one such game where some of the matches you play might take a lot of time to complete like the longest game of chess lasted for around 20 hours so if you want to play the game of chess for that much of period of time then you obviously need to have a lot of patience which you can find in top players of chess
  4. High Concentration– This is another important quality that you will find in almost all the top players of chess because obviously you need to learn so many things like tactics and techniques and you also need to play the game for long periods of time against a lot of people so you obviously need a lot of focus and concentration level because a single mistake and distraction and bad move from the game can turn around the game of chess so you should be very alert and concentrated on the game and high levels of focus and concentration is what you will be finding in most top players of chessĀ 
  5. Resilience– resilience is also an important quality that you will find in top players because it is not just about winning but you will also be losing several matches but what separates a good player from a great player is the ability to adapt and bounce back from tough conditions and situations and also learn from the mistakes that they have done in the past game and not repeat it again and also learn the tactics of the competitor by analysing the game.
  6. Goal setting– goal setting and achieving the goal is also an important quality you will find in almost all the players of chess and other sports and this will slowly help build the confidence of the player because they are so good at what they are doing and high level of confidence only comes by training yourself in all possible situations which top players do
  7. Foresight thinking– This is another important quality of top players because without this you cannot win matches and most beginner players actually get frustrated and confused so they take random steps without any planning and calculations so they most likely end up losing the game but with top players of the game they actually think of all the moves, the imagine and visualise all the steps and positions before making any move and it is very rightly said that a grand master of chess is at least three or four steps ahead of a normal chess player because he makes all those calculations and thinking in his mind before you make your move
  8. A desire to win and be the best-obviously this is a very common skill you will find in almost all players of sports and game at the top level as they will have a burning desire to win all the time and they will be working hard or extremely hard to achieve their goal and be the best because there is no point of being a second if you cant be number one and most top players of chess always to be number one of the game and they also put a lot of effort to grab the spot
  9. Good memory– as I already mentioned earlier that in chess you will have to make a lot of calculations and think a lot of times before making any move so you obviously need good memorization skills and skills of pattern recognition so that you can identify the patterns and calculate all the moves, memorise them for a long period before you make your move in chess because every single move can take the game upside down in chessĀ 
  10. Logical thinking– last but not least logical thinking is another important quality you will notice in most top players of chess because if you think about it chess is like a battle and to win any battle or war you obviously need a strategy and with logical thinking and critical thinking skills you can create a strategy and obviously calculate all the moves in your brain using your memorization and other skills that I mentioned earlier and also calculate or predict what moves your opponent would choose to counter your strategy so all these planning and strategies is a sign of good logical thinking skill.

So basically these are some important qualities that actually differentiate between a good player of chess to a great player of chess.

With that said let’s conclude the article.


These are all the important qualities and traits that are found in most top chess players.

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