10 reasons Why cricket is better than football

In this article let’s take a look at why cricket is better than football in detail

Before I let you know all the reasons why cricket is better than football I would like to mention it very quickly that even though

I am an avid fan of cricket, all the reasons I mentioned in this article are backed by statistics & data and they will definitely make sense and logical and they are not biased.

So without further ado let’s get started.

10 reasons Why cricket is better than football

Cricket provides more entertainment

Cricket provides more entertainment compared to football because football is only 90 minutes long game it is divided into two halves of 45 minutes each with a 15 minute break.

But when it comes to cricket, there are usually three types of games played in cricket such as test cricket, ODI and T20.

T20 is the shortest version of cricket and this game lasts for 3 hours long and there is only 10 minutes break between the innings and when it comes to ODI cricket the game lasts for 9 hours in a day and when it comes to test cricket this game last over five days and at least eight hours will be played everyday consecutively for 5 days.

Cricketers has diverse skillset

Another important thing about cricket which makes it different from football is that cricketers have diverse skill set.

Even though in both cricket and football both of them have 11 players in the team but when it comes to cricket players have more diverse skillset compared to football who all 11 players have the same skill of either hitting the ball or passing the ball.

For example in cricket team there will be 11 members in the team and out of those there will be different kind of players with different skills including batsman, keeping in mind even in the batting department of cricket different players

have different skillset depending upon their position in the team for example a number 5 batsman can have more shot hitting capability & skill compared to defence & bowler and wicket keeper obviously have a totally different skill set,

for example the skills required for bowling will be totally different compared to batting, and this is what makes cricket very diverse and interesting game compared to football because players bring different skill set on the table which make the game very interesting.

Honesty of players

Another important thing which makes cricket very interesting is the honesty of players.

When it comes to football, players have been known to fake injuries at the slightest contact of their opponent players to win over referees and get the opposing players sent off or get a chance to score a free hit which can be quite unfair practice

but when it comes to cricket the injuries are quite real, and even if we assume that the player is faking their injury, they would not get any extra benefit and advantage like you would have as a free hit in football which could change the game.

Use of technology at making better decisions

Another thing which make cricket better game compared to football is the use of technology in making important decisions.

We all know that referees and umpires are both important part of football and cricket and their decisions can make or break the game,

but in cricket if the player is unsatisfied with the decision of the Empire then he can get a chance to take the help of technology like DRS in cricket in cases like LBW which can help him reverse the decision of umpire which is not usually the case with referees in football

But now various technology equipment like smart ball system and goal line technology, etc are also used in football to make better judgements and remove human error and help the job of refere easy in making the right decisions.

But in my opinion technology is better used in cricket compared to football.

Skills are sometimes more important than fitness

Another thing about cricket is that sometimes the players skills can be more important and useful in winning the matches compared to his fitness.

I don’t say that fitness is not necessary for the players of cricket and football, of course they are important but for players in cricket such as spinners and Batsmen, even though they are not completely fit but if they have high grasp on the skill

they can make wonders in the game and win incredible matches and cricket gives more opportunities for individual players to contribute more and win the game for the team but in football it is not always the case.

Safety of players is number 1 priority

This is another thing which makes cricket better compared than football which is that more than 150 players have died playing the football on the ground but less than 25 players have died playing cricket on the ground.

And especially after the death of Philip Hughes, Australian Cricketer, cricket players health and injuries are taken more seriously to avoid further risks and deaths in cricket, rules are more strict in cricket to avoid risks & injuries of cricketers.

Cricket is a mind game & tests your patience, endurance, etc & helps you get tough mentally

I agree that both cricket and football requires a lot of both physical and mental activity to win the matches but when it comes to cricket especially in test cricket, from the standpoint of the players who play the game,

what makes test cricket format more fascinating and interesting game to watch and play is that the game will test the patience, endurance and mental toughness of cricketers which is what lacks in football.

Apart from that there are various things like setting the right field set and introducing the right bowlers to the right batsman, bowling the ball in the right line and length and judging the line and length of the ball as a batsman, calculating the distance and

speed of the ball to catch the ball as a fielder and many more requires a lot of mental effort in cricket compared to football which only requires smooth passing of the ball between different players.

As a matter of fact, test cricket is the only format of the game of Cricket which lasts for 5 days long for a single match and because of this there will be many ups and downs throughout the game of test cricket and many challenges which will make it very interesting and less boring to watch.

It is result oriented game

Another thing which makes cricket different and better compared to football is that cricket is more result oriented game compared to football as a matter of fact,

Around 1 in every 4.2 Premier League matches of football will end in a draw, on average, as opposed to about 1 in 3.6 in the Championship.

But it is very unlikely that a cricket match will end up in a draw or tie especially in ODI and T20 cricket.

And even if there is any draw and tie happen in the cricket then there will be an option of super over in ODI and T20 cricket.

For those of you who do not know what superover is, whichever team has failed to chase the score and win the match in the second innings of cricket, they will get a chance to select their top best batsman, bat first and play 6 deliveries which is one over of the opponent’s

Best bowler to score maximum runs in 6 deliveries and they will have to defend that score and stop the opposite team to score below the runs they have scored to win the match.

This is exactly how every ODI and T20 match you see in cricket will definitely have some result of one side winning and other one losing at the end of the day instead of just being a draw which is very normal case in football.

Anyone can play the game irrespective of the age

Another interesting thing about cricket is that anyone can play the game of Cricket, but this is not the same with football because football requires a lot of running and hitting the ball.

But people of different ages from just 20 to 40 years and even 60 years and elderly people can also play the game by standing at crease and hit the ball using the bat and score runs instead of running To score the runs.

Cricket is much better sport for advertisement for brands

Another thing about cricket is that after completion of each over which consists of 6 balls, an advertisement will be shown on the television between the over of the match which will usually last around 30 to 45 seconds &

the people will watch the advertisement while they will be engaged in watching the cricket match but in football as I have already mentioned earlier that the game lasts for only 90 minutes with only 15 minutes break in half time, and

there will be no breaks in between as you have in cricket so more brands are interested to display their ads on television where cricket matches are played because they can get more opportunities to display their advertisements of their product to

more people instead of football because people know that there will be a 15 minute break so they leave the TV screen to finish their works and resume the match when it starts.

Because of this important reasons I believe cricket is much better sport compared to football.


These are all the important reasons why cricket is better than football.

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