Are you intelligent if you’re good at chess?

In this article I will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions related to the game of chess like whether playing chess makes you intelligent and smart or does it mean that you have high IQ if you play the chess and what is it mean if you are good at chess and all these things are what will be looking at in detail.

If you are a beginner of chess and you are wondering all these questions in your mind then this is the article you should be reading till the end to get the complete answer.

So let’s dive right in.

Are you intelligent & smart like high IQ if you’re good at chess? 

To be honest there is although a correlation between playing chess and it in return improves your IQ and intelligence but it does not have to be all the time and they say that not all correlations are causations

 for example I know several of my friends who are very good at chess but they are not so intelligent and smart people as they make some dumb mistakes all the time and I also know several friends and colleagues who are very good at what they do and they are actually very smart people in my view but they are not a good player in chess so it does not have to be like that.

Although there are several studies which show that there are significant benefits of playing chess on your brain like it will become more creative person and it’s also help you improve your critical thinking,

It will also improve your problem solving skills and all of these things are really amazing because unlike most other sports and games chess is a mental game, It will improve your memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other brain diseases because

 your brain is very active and this game is an exercise for your brain and neurons present in the brain, This game will also help you increase your concentration and your ability to plan things and look at the things in the long term.

You also learn the ability to be empathetic and look at different things from other people’s perspective and think advance like two or three steps ahead of the opponent to play and win the game of chess so the studies show

 that there are several benefits of playing chess with mind and it will make you intelligent but it does not have to be all the time because different people have different abilities and mindsets so it kind of varies.

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What does being good at chess say about you?

Well if you are good at chess then It can tell a lot of things about you like I believe chess can definitely reveal your personality and type like some of the things that people would know if you are good at chess or things like,

  1. You are a very patient person like you have a lot of patience because playing chess game takes a lot of time like it can take up to a couple of hours to complete a match of stress if you are playing against a tough competitor
  2. You are very logical thinking person like you have good logical thinking skills and you are also very good problem solver because both of these things have very important if you are playing chess and if you are good at it then obviously people will think that you will be having this skills
  3. You also have high concentration and focus levels and you are also very good observer of your opponent and others because as I mentioned earlier playing chess can take a lot of time and effort of mental energy so if you are lack concentration or the ability to observe and stay persistent then you cannot play chess for a long time
  4. You also are a very creative person if you are playing chess because creativity is not just about creating something but also about coming up with new tactics and ideas like new moves that will surprise your opponent when playing the game
  5. You are also very cool-minded person because unlike other games and sports you get multiple opportunities to win the game in the chess and even if you do one mistake you still can recover and win the game using your others chances
  6. You also have a good memory and you are a good planner and someone who can think in the long term better
  7. You also have good imagination skills and visualisation skills by playing just because as I mentioned earlier there are several types of moves you can play in chess but in order to find the best move you need to first visualise and imagine all the moves and how they are going to affect the game like are you going to lose any elements or stuff like that so if you are good at chess then it very likely means that you are good at things like visualization and imagination which will be very useful
  8. Last but not least you are also a very good learner and open minded person if you are playing chess because chess is a mental game and there are a lot of tactics and techniques involved to play the game so if you are a complete beginner or if you are at least somewhat professional level of playing the game then you must have learned a lot of techniques and strategies of playing the game from your competitors and online videos and resources which can help you beat your competitors quickly so there is a high chance of you being very open-minded and fast learner if you are good at playing chess, It is also that many chess players analyse their game like their moves and try to identify their mistakes and also the moves of their opponent to learn something new which is a sign of open-mindedness.

So overall chess will definitely reflect some of the traits and personality type like obviously you will be very patient person and open minded, You will be having good memory and critical thinking skills and logical thinking,

You will be a very creative person and also very cool-minded so these are some important things that playing chess will definitely reflect about your personality and characteristics.

These are all the things you need to know about playing chess.

With that said let’s conclude the article.


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