13 Advantages and disadvantages of boxing

In this article let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of boxing As a sport.

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Advantages and disadvantages of boxing

Advantages of boxing

  1. Good for physical health 

One of the main advantages of boxing is that it is a very good exercise for your physical health because you will be losing a lot of weight while you are practising boxing apart from the weight It is also very good for your physique because you will be getting a lot of muscles and it will increase your bone strength and density and your biceps and triceps will also grow overall boxing will be a very good exercise for your physical body.

And boxing will also help you improve the balance of your body and increase the muscles and cardiovascular strength and all these things are very important and great benefits of boxing.

So even though the average duration of boxing match is not more than 22 minutes but in the 22 minutes there will be several intense moments where you will be facing defensing and punching your opponent so it is a very short intense workout and it is seen that you can burn up to 800 calories in just one hour of boxing which is really good.

  1. Good for mental health

Another advantage of boxing is that it is a very good exercise for mental health.

If you are facing stress or anxiety or depression or angry levels or any other problems related to mental health then doing boxing is like exercise and because you will be

moving around and punching hard on the boxing bag and you will be basically sweating a lot so this will keep you active and healthy and it increases the dopamine levels of the body and it improves the mood of the body because of such high intensity workout of boxing.

And because boxing is a high intensity workout and you will be losing a lot of calories and energy and your body will be very weak and tired so you will automatically get deep sleep when you fall on bed which will again improve your mental health if you face lack of sleep issues.

So if you are facing any kind of mental health issue such as anxiety, depression anger stress lack of concentration and focus lack of confidence or any other thing then boxing is a great.

  1. Good for heart health & brain 

Another advantage of boxing is that it is very good exercise for your heart health.

When you are boxing you will be in a motion state and boxing in general is a high intensity workout and aerobic exercise and because of that your heart will be pumping out more blood to other parts of the body and your blood will be carrying the oxygen

which will reach out to other parts like brain so in general there have been many studies which prove that boxing will reduce the chances of heart attack and other heart strokes and diseases related to heart and it also improves your mental health which we have talked about earlier by passing more oxygen to the brain and releasing the hormones like dopamine.

  1. Solo game 

Now boxing is not a team sport at all, the victory and defeat of the match will be completely dependant upon the performance and skill set of the boxer and this is both advantage and disadvantage because you as a boxer have a lot of opportunity to showcase

your skill and when you perform good give you obviously get a lot of fame and recognition of yourself Which is really good because in team sport if anyone of the member of your team does not perform good or up to the mark then there is a high chance of losing the game which is not the case with boxing because it is an individual sport.

  1. Lots of resources to learn 

Another advantage of boxing is that there are lots of resources online and you can also purchase several courses on Udemy and other platforms and learn boxing as a complete beginner for affordable price.

And even the boxing equipment like punching bags and gloves are quite affordable and you can get them on Amazon for less than $100 which is really cheap I believe

if you want to get started as a beginner so overall there are lots of resources to learn boxing and as a matter of fact boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world, there is a huge community of people who want to learn and are learning boxing worldwide.

  1. Olympic sport 

Another advantage of boxing is that it is an Olympic sport which means you can participate in Olympics and other several competitions that are held worldwide like commonwealth games and boxing tournaments and you can obviously win several medals in boxing

and as you grow and get recognition you can also get a lot of respect and admiration from the fans and you can also grow a lot of following on social media platforms so overall because boxing is Olympic sport you can represent your country on a global stage and get a lot of happiness and satisfaction which is very important for any sportsman.

  1. Interesting to watch 

Another advantage of boxing is that it is very interesting game to watch for viewers because boxing match will be divided in rounds and each round is around 3 minutes long and there will be anywhere between 4 to 12 rounds in a boxing match and there will be 1 minute break between

the rounds so even though it might seem that the boxing match is quite short period but there will be several intense and amazing moments in the boxing matches that catch the attention of the people worldwide who watch the matches on television and live.

  1. Great for self defence & confidence

Another advantage is that it is a great sport or game for self confidence and self defence.

If you are someone who gets very bullied and beaten up by your enemies or friends in your college or school then you can learn boxing as it will teach you not only to defend yourself but also to attack, 

You can learn several tactics and strategies or techniques of attacking someone without damaging him badly and boxing can make you hard physically and mentally both and when you slowly work on your body and make yourself strong physically then it will also

help you gain confidence and strength mentally and when you learn to protect yourself from others and practise in boxing matches how to defend yourself and then this will give you a lot of self-respect and happiness and also mental peace.

  1. Increased hand eye coordination 

Another advantage of boxing is that it will obviously increase your hand eye coordination and motor skills.

And improved hand eye coordination will help you have faster reaction times and you will be more stable person and balanced person.

These are all the advantages of boxing.

Disadvantages of boxing

  1. Prone to injuries 

One of the main disadvantages of boxing is that You can get very serious injuries and damages and some of these injuries can also lead to death if hit in sensitive areas like head or heart etc.

Some common types of injuries you face in boxing are dislocations of bone, brain damage and Alzheimer disease, facial injuries and cuts, bruises, wrist sprain, hand fracture concussion boxing knuckle Bennett fracture etc and some of the injuries that you face in boxing can also lead you to bed rest for several weeks and months and some injuries can also lead to complex

surgeries and operations so overall you have high risk of getting injuries boxing as compared to any other sport because boxing is all about defending yourself and attacking your opponent and punching him hard to win the match but in the process it can lead to several injuries that can also lead you to lifetime injuries like scars and mental health disorders because of lots of blows on your head and body during boxing matches.

  1. Strict diet is required

Another disadvantage is that as I mentioned earlier that in just one hour of boxing you can lose up to 800 calories and you can also lose a lot of energy and your body literally gets tired after boxing sessions and if you want to be a professional boxer then unlike

any other sport you will have to spend a lot of money and have a strict diet and you will obviously need a lot of protein and carbohydrates to keep yourself energised and active so that you can train yourself and work hard in those intense boxing workouts and you’re not

allowed to eat any junk food or any other food apart from your strict diet because it can lead you to weak physical body and It obviously reflects in your boxing matches and reaction time so if you want to be a professional boxer then you need to follow a very strict diet.

  1. A trainer is must 

If you also want to be a professional boxer then getting any online course on boxing on Udemy or purchasing boxing equipment on Amazon is not really going to move the needle because you need to have a professional training and professional equipment to

become a professional boxer and both a strong diet and a professional trainer who can train you in and out are very important and they also are very expensive to get so boxing is actually very expensive sport if you want to be a professional guy in it.

A trainer is also important because there are more than 30000 professional boxers out there in the world so if you want to become a professional boxer and compete against top boxers in the world then you obviously need to have a lot of discipline and good guidance and without a trainer you cannot get it.

  1. Violence & get into crime 

If You are a professional boxer then there is a high chance of you getting manipulated and involved in any crime cases by any team or any external person and if you use your boxing techniques and cause harm for someone outside the boxing ring then you are

boxing licence will be removed or taken away from the international board and sometimes you can also get jail and imprisonment for using your boxing techniques outside the ring like street fights against normal people but there are several professional boxers who you to high ego and money end up harming people and doing some crime outside the ring.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of boxing with that said let’s conclude the article.


These are all the things you need to know about advantages and disadvantages of boxing.

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