5 reasons boxing is better than gym

In this article let’s take a look at five reasons why boxing is better than gym.

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5 reasons why boxing is better than gym

1. self-defense

One of the main advantages of learning boxing as compared to gym is that you will learn how to defend yourself against people who want to beat you and who regularly bully you in school or in office area.

In boxing you not only learn how to defend yourself against people but you will also learn various tactics and techniques of how you can attack and harm people who are trying to harm you or beat you inreturn and you will also be learning various pressure points which you can use to neutralise people.

You also learn various punching techniques and defending techniques, and in boxing It will help you develop strong muscles and bones and you will also develop strong biceps and when you start defending yourself against people who are beating you then it will automatically help you develop self confidence and pride which is a really good thing.

2. good for mental health & mind 

Another advantage of boxing is that it is very good for mental health especially if you are dealing with issues like depression anxiety stress anger lack of focus and concentration lack of sleep etc because it is seen that you will be losing a lot of calories and energy in every boxing session and boxing training moments and because of that your mind will release hormones like dopamine which will make you happy and improve your mood and slowly your overall mental state will also improve and after one hour or a couple of hours of boxing training sessions you will be so tired physically that you will automatically sleep after getting back home so if you have lack of sleep issues then working hard in the boxing training sessions is a good remedy for that.

Boxing involves a lot of techniques that you will be learning like uppercut lower cut etc so it is also as much as mental exercise as it is physical one because you will be learning various moves and tactics along with physical training.

Boxing also increases the production of endorphins and neurotransmitters which will obviously improve your mood.

And if you are angry at someone or if you are frustrated about something then you can obviously show your frustration and anger on the punching bag and improve your mood.

3. inexpensive equipment

Another advantage of boxing is that the equipment is also not very expensive to get like you can get the boxing equipments like punching bags and gloves for less than $100 on Amazon and other ecommerce stores and you can also get the premium quality ones but most of the cases you don’t need any expensive equipment to do boxing other than punching bag and gloves but in case of gym you would obviously need lots of dumbbells and other equipment and if you don’t want to purchase any equipment of gym then you are obviously need membership of any gym and it would cost you at least a couple of hundred dollars every month depending upon your location and the quality of the gym and more importantly you would also need a trainer to help you with your gym sessions but in boxing you can learn boxing techniques and tactics as a complete beginner from various online videos and tutorials if you are just complete beginner so this is another added advantage with boxing.

4. complete body workout

Another advantage of boxing is that it is a complete body workout as compared to gym I believe.

It is seen that you will be losing & burning around 800 calories in one hour of boxing session but if you compare this with gym then you would be burning around 150 calories which is very less as compared to the boxing session so if you want to lose weight faster or you want to build muscle or you want to build amazing body get lots of stamina and strength then obviously boxing is a better option because it involves not just hands and wrists but also legs head face and other parts of the body so overall boxing is a complete body exercise which is not only good for mental health but also very good for physical health.

5. good for the heart

Another advantage of boxing is that because you will be moving around quite a lot and as I mentioned earlier that boxing is a very intense training workout so it is very good exercise for your heart because your heart will be pumping out a lot of blood to different part of the body and your blood will obviously contain oxygen so the more oxygen is supplied to different organs and the organs will function better like brain and heart so your overall blood pressure will reduce and your chances of getting diseases like heart attack and heart stroke or cardiac arrest and other such diseases can get reduced by boxing.

These are all the advantages of boxing over gym with that said let’s conclude the article.


These are all the reasons why boxing is better than gym.

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