13 advantages and disadvantages of playing sports

In this article let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of playing sports.

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Pros and cons of sports 

Pros of sports 

  1. Improve fitness levels 

One of the main advantages of playing any sport is that it will obviously increase your fitness levels like there are different sports like football basketball tennis badminton cricket and all of this will definitely help you improve your fitness levels because there will be a lot of movement and running in the sports that I mentioned earlier and the more you run and move here and there it’s obviously make your bones and muscles stronger and it will also improve your stamina and fitness levels which is really good.

Because if you are facing issues like obesity and sugar or other dangerous diseases then playing any sport like football would definitely be helpful to get fit and if you become fit obviously you will keep such type of disease at bay.

Because if you look at more deeper then it is seen that if you play sports like badminton or football For at least one hour you would lose at least anywhere between 400 to 500 calories which is really awesome as compared to spending the time on your computer or bodybuilding where you will not be losing a lot of calories.

So if your goal is to either build body or reduce your weight or whatever it is playing any sport will be very beneficial.

  1. Good for mind and heart 

Another advantage of playing sports is that it is very good for your mind and heart because when you will be playing sports like badminton or football or hockey or whatever it is you will be sweating a lot and because of lot of movement like running your heart will pump more blood to other parts of the body and it will obviously reduce the risks of the heart attack and other heart diseases

like heart stroke and on the other side your mind and brain will also release endorphins and neurotransmitters and hormones like dopamine which will also improve your mood and reduce stress and because you will be very tired after playing sports like football or volleyball for a couple of hours

physically you will be very tired so you will get sound sleep after getting back home so if you are facing issues of lack of sleep or anxiety or depression or anything like that then playing in sport will definitely be very helpful to you.

  1. Make new friends 

Another advantage of playing in sport is that it will help you also socialise and meet new people and you will also be making lots of useful relationships and connections with other people while playing the game like many of the sports are team sports whether it is football or volleyball or hockey and this relationship that you make while playing will also help you in real life career and job opportunities and succeed in life.

Apart from this you will also be learning skills like communication and networking and all other important interpersonal skills.

You can also make amazing memories and lots of amazing and beautiful experiences by playing sports with your friends that will last in your mind for lifetime which is really cool.

  1. Gain self confidence

You can also gain a lot of self confidence by playing sports like you will be playing the sports to win the points and matches whether it is in football or badminton or whichever sport it is and slowly when you win matches in the sports it will slowly build the self confidence that you can achieve goals from hard work, discipline and this will reflect in your work and professional life as well so if you lack self confidence then playing a sport is a good remedy.

  1. Learn lots of life skills and lessons 

Another advantage of playing sports is that it will be very helpful for you not just with regards to improving your body and helping you both physically and mentally but it’s also help you learn lots of life skills and lessons which you would not learn otherwise like,

  • Playing sports will teach you team working, people management, communication skills and leadership skills because most of the sports are team sports whether it is football volleyball or basketball or hockey and this will help you in real life and in your professional life as well
  • Playing sports will also help you stay disciplined and work hard and also deal with competition, You will learn how to handle pressure situations better, work on your strengths and identify your weaknesses and all of these things are things that you will be learning in sports
  • You will also learn how to handle failure and defeat and how you can rise on top after facing defeat which is really great lesson and skill that you learn from sports

These are some important lessons you will be learning by playing sports.

  1. Turn hobby into profession & make money 

You can also turn your hobby of playing in sport whether it is badminton or football or whichever sport it is and you can turn that hobby into a profession and also make a lot of money if you want.

For example if you have a hobby of playing badminton or swimming or whichever sport is then you can obviously go for coaching and hire a professional trainer who will help you guide and walk you through and this will slowly help you become a professional athlete in that sport and you can become a professional player in the sport and you can represent your country in competitions like commonwealth games and Olympics if It is in badminton and other competitions and events in other sports like football and volleyball and more importantly once you become a professional player and represent your country on a global stage

 then you can also obviously make a lot of money depending upon your performance like you can make money by brand deals and sponsorships and also by TV ad commercials and you can also build a lot of following on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter and also make money by influencer marketing but most importantly you will also get a lot of satisfaction and happiness that you represent your country on a global stage which is more amazing than making any money and following.

  1. Lots of options and easy to get started 

And the advantage of playing sport is that there are lots of options of sports that you can try whether it is sports like

  • Football
  •  basketball
  •  tennis 
  • baseball 
  • cricket 
  • boxing 
  • volleyball
  •  table tennis
  • Swimming
  •  Rugby
  •  wrestling 
  • shooting
  •  field hockey
  •  hockey

You can get plenty of options of both individual and team sports which you can choose and if you are confused which sport you should start with then I would recommend you to start with badminton because it is my favourite one and it is also of individual sport,

You can easily get started with one more player and shuttlecock which will cost you less than $20, and apart from options you also get lots of learning resources and training videos on platforms like YouTube and Udemy that you can consider if you want to become a professional sportsman.

  1. Helpful in universities

The last advantage of playing sports is that it will be very helpful if you are a student or if you are studying in a university for example Harvard University or Ivy League colleges because these colleges also conduct several competitions between the colleges in sports and

if you get admission into these colleges and if you want some scholarships or any advantages in the university then if you perform good in sports then you can also get merit based & performance based scholarships and also a lot of recognition and fame in the University which is really cool.

There are also several universities that actually offer scholarships to the students who perform good in extracurricular activities like sports so if you are good at sports then you can also get scholarships based upon your performance in sports even if there is no need based scholarships available.

These are all the advantages of playing sports.

Now let’s take a look at the disadvantages of playing sports in detail.

Disadvantages of playing sports

  1. It can lead to injuries

One of the main disadvantage of playing sports is obviously is that it can lead to several injuries and some of these can be very harmful For example if you play football which is a popular sport worldwide then it can lead to injuries like ankle sprain knee injuries shoulder dislocation fractures football concussion hit pointers and many more and some of these injuries can be lifetime and some can lead to a lot of bed rest and also lots of surgeries.

  1. It is time consuming and very exhaustive

Another disadvantage of playing sports is that it can be very time consuming and also very exhaustive like for example the average duration of football match is 90 minutes and of hockey it is 1 hour so It can be very time consuming if you have limited time and you want to play these sports and apart from this as I already mentioned earlier sports can be very helpful for you to build strong body but the downside is that it can be very exhaustive if you play sports like if you play football for one hour then you can lose up to 500 calories depending upon the intensity of the match and your body movement in the match so after you play sports like football and badminton for a long period of time you can be very exhaustive and tired both physically and mentally and you will not have any energy to do any other work apart from rest after playing the sport.

Because of this if you are a student and if you are involved in playing in sport like football or badminton then you will not spend a lot of time in other areas like studies so it can lead to bad marks and bad academic performance which can influence and affect your career apart from sports so you don’t have a lot of backup options in your career if you spend a lot of time only playing sports.

  1. It is very competitive

Another disadvantage of choosing sports as a professional career is that it is very competitive and saturated field like whether you want to become a footballer or badminton player or any other sportsman you will have to complete with various teams or individual players and you will also obviously have to participate in several competitions and sports events before you become popular and before people start noticing you so because there are so many people out there who are trying to become professional sportsmen so it is very competitive and saturated field and you will have to bring something unique with your amazing techniques that grab the attention of the audience on you or you should be having incredible talent to rise to the top fast among the competition Which is very rare.

  1. Strict training and diet is important

Another disadvantage is that you also need to have a restrict diet and training if you want to become a professional sportsman because as I mentioned earlier in just one hour of football or basketball or badminton match we will be losing a lot of calories like around 500 calories on average so if you do such training sessions everyday for a couple of hours then it can lead to burning out of several hundreds of calories and energy from your body and the obviously have to get the energy from somewhere and this is where a strong and strict diet and training is important.

You will need to consume lots of protein and carbohydrates and fats from high quality sources like meat and dairy products which can be expensive and apart from this you will also need a personal trainer who will look after your training and any coach who will look after your training of the game and you also need any gym membership to work on your body and build some muscles for the game.

Although you might not be investing a lot of money in equipment in sports like football or badminton because there is not a lot of things you need to buy in the name of equipment but you will obviously need to spend a lot of money in your training and diet so it is not very easy and cheap to become a professional sportsman.

  1. You would also need some talent

And the last disadvantage of playing sports is that you also need some sort of talent and skill by birth and you also need a lot of curiosity and interest if you want to become a professional player and become one of the top players in that sport in the world.

Obviously with hard work and discipline you can beat any talented guy but I believe you also need some talent by birth and some luck to become a good professional player.

Because if you don’t have the talent or the skill and you not have a lot of interest and passion towards the game then there are a high chances of you putting the game or giving up in the journey because you will have to sacrifice a lot of things like delicious food or your comfort zone and spend a lot of time training and learning things that can improve your game.

With that said let’s conclude the article.


These are all the things you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of playing sports.

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