17 Pros and cons of playing chess

In this article let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of playing chess to understand if it is worth playing and learning or not in detail.

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Pros and cons of playing chess

Pros of playing chess

  1. One of the main advantages of playing chess is that it increases your mental strength and You can train your mind quite a lot by playing chess with tough competitors As you need to create new plan of attack of your opponent and also after completing the game most players analyse this game and strategy which helps them improve their mental strength and it is a great exercise for your brain
  2. Another advantage of playing chess is that it is a indoor sport which means that you can play indoors and there is no influence of external conditions like weather and rains
  3. Chess is a solo game and you only require one other player who is your opponent to play the game and it is not a team sport so win or loss of the game is completely dependant upon you which is a good thing sometimes and even if you don’t have an opponent you can still play the game online against the computer which is really amazing to practise the game because chess is also an indoor game
  4. Chess does not require a lot of physical strength and stamina so anyone from adults to young people and old people and both men and women can play the game irrespective of their age and physical strength and is a big advantage because if you compare it with other sports like football and cricket where physical strength and age matters a lot in the performance, You can play this game whenever and wherever you want because there is no requirement of any ground or extra space and you can play this with your family friends and kids
  5. Just like any other sport or game even chess has a lot of resources online and there are various courses and online tutorials where you can learn new tactics of chess and there is always a room for improvement because new strategies and tactics will be created by new players of the chess that you can learn and improve and analyse your game to get better at it
  6. Another advantage is that there are clear rules and objectives in chess like you know exactly what is the rule, power of Bishops knights kings Queen, soldier etc in chess and if you compare this with other sports like football or cricket then the rules in those games keep on changing as the technology improves but there is no requirement of technology in this game of chess as rules are eternal
  7. Another advantage is that there is a huge community of people who play chess and even though this game was originated in India but at present this is the game that is played worldwide not just in Asia but in many countries of Europe and America so it is a global sport in general and it has a great community because many people play chess not just to become a professional player but they play just to train their mind and play casually
  8. Chase is one such game where you do not need very expensive equipment like shoes or any kit as you only need a chess board and all the elements of it and you can get started playing the chase whenever and wherever you want as it does not require any ground or any referee or anything like that and you can also play the chess online as I already mentioned earlier if you have a computer or phone with internet access
  9. Professional chess players like grand Masters of chess and other people who reach good heights in the game in professional career actually get a lot of respect and also make a lot of money because chess is one such game that requires a lot of mental strength and mental ability so grandmasters of chess get a lot of respect and admiration by the society because if you are good at chess then it reflects your mental state and your ability of mind because chess is mainly a mental sport
  10. There are several competitions that are held in chess worldwide that you can participate in if you want like world chess championship and become a professional chess player as I mentioned earlier which is a global sport and there is a global board of chess which will give you points as you get good at it and win the matches and you can then slowly become grandmaster clearing several stages & getting points in the game by improving your game and you are going to be one of the top players of the chess
  11. You can also improve your social interaction and other important skills like communication and networking and interpersonal skills by playing chess because chess is like a very intense sport and you can make amazing friends by playing chess because you will be understanding both each other very well by playing the game and it creates a good partnership and relationships with people by playing chess
  12. You also don’t need to join any coaching institute or don’t need any coach to start playing and learning chess professionally as I mentioned earlier that there are several resources online that you can refer to to learn just and you can also learn chess by playing with some of your family members who know it

These are all the advantages of playing chess.

Cons of playing chessĀ 

  1. The main disadvantage of playing chess is that it requires a lot of mental energy and for your kind information brain is the part of the body that consumes approx 20% of the energy of the body and if you place it it increases more and if you play chess for a long time then it can sometimes get you crazy and mad because it is a very intense sport especially if you play against a tough competitor
  2. Another disadvantage of playing chess is that it can lead to many health problems like obesity and other physical diseases because you will be sitting on the chair or floor for a long time if you play any match because it is an indoor sport and does not require a lot of physical strength
  3. Even though there are several competitions of chess like world chess championship but chess is not Olympic sport and Olympics is the most popular event in sports in the world so you cannot get Olympic medal for your country if you play chess because it is not an Olympic sport but it may become one in future but not at present
  4. Chess is one such game which takes a lot of time to learn and it can be sometimes overwhelming to learn for beginners because there are lots of things that you need to learn like the rules and importance of different things like Bishop’s knights king and queen etc and you also need to spend a lot of time learning new strategies and tactics and analysing the game rectifying your mistakes, etc
  5. Another disadvantage is that it is also will not entertaining sport and interesting sport to watch for viewers because there is not a lot of action happening as it is only individual sport between two players so it is not very interesting to see on television for viewers and the number of people who play the game is also quite less in terms of volume as compared to other games because of the mental requirements of the game is so high

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of playing chess.

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These are all the things you need to know about playing chess as pros and cons.

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