why does craig paint one nail

Craig Conover

Suspicious viewers of the rather traditional reality series Southern Charm, which is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, may wonder why Craig Conover painted one of his fingernails from 2019 to 2021. As it happens, he didn’t do it to flaunt his style.

To promote Polished Man, a humanitarian initiative by ygap, a “international development organization that supports early-stage social impact ventures with locally-led solutions to local problems,” the Bravo star, you see, painted one fingernail.

In Polished Man, Craig Conover of “Southern Charm” was just one of the many participants.
Craig participated in Polished Man, a movement to “end violence against children for good,” by sporting a painted fingernail with celebrities including singer Vance Joy and model Ashley Joy.

The fingernail of Craig Conover
According to ygap, one billion children, or half of all children worldwide, faced violence in 2020 alone, according to the Polished Man website. “We envision a world devoid of violence against children, as childhood shouldn’t be painful, and we all possess the ability to bring about change,” the group declares.

Craig is “honored” to be a part of the initiative, which was inspired by ygap, which challenges Polished Man members to paint one nail in October in order to raise awareness of the problem.

In October 2019, he posted on Instagram, saying, “As you all know, I’ve been painting one of my nails for the past year as a commitment to helping children around the world.” “Cleaned nails start talks, and conversations lead to donations, which support children’s trauma prevention and recovery worldwide. Click the link in my profile and check us out at #polishedman if you’d want to donate, learn more, or would like to join me in October.

The Polished Man campaign was inspired by one small girl.

Cofounder of ygap Elliot Costello came up with the idea for Polished Man after seeing a young child named Thea who was staying at a facility in Cambodia that was managed by the international humanitarian organization Hagar International. According to the Polished Man website, Elliot and Thea played Tic-Tac-Toe for hours before Thea painted his fingernails blue and drew a heart on his palm. The one fingernail would sometimes be painted white.

Later, Elliot learned of Thea’s past: for two years, the director of an orphanage had abused her both physically and sexually. According to the website, “Elliot decided right then and there to paint one nail to remember Thea.” The Polished Man movement began when he discovered the scope of child abuse.

In 2022, Craig’s Instagram account suggests that he is no longer wearing the avant-garde nail.

Craig is well-known for his generosity.

Along with impressing co-star Patricia Altschul, Craig also shown his altruism in September 2018 when he contributed to Hurricane Florence relief operations in North Carolina.

At the time, he posted on Instagram, saying, “Nothing can prepare someone for the destruction I witnessed yesterday.” And the least amount of darkness was the property damage. Kindly assist them. Assist us in assisting them. Make every effort possible, since the recipient of your donations—regardless of how small you may think they are—will, I assure you, have the happiest grin and the warmest heart.