Can you change the batting order in cricket match?

In this article let’s take a look at whether you can change the batting order in cricket match especially during the match or not and will also look at some examples of it.

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Can you change the batting order in cricket match?

Of course, yes, the team has all the rights and liberty to change the batting order at any time in the cricket match and let me give you one Epic instance where the batting order has been changed during the Match which has been a remarkable moment for millions of people.

In 2011 World Cup final match between India and Sri Lanka which was hosted in the wankedhe stadium located in Mumbai of India, Sri Lankan team had won the toss and elected to bat first and they have set the target of 274 runs after playing 50 overs and losing 6 wickets and

team India had to start the second innings, chase & score 275 runs to win the match and win the World Cup but after the fall of 3rd wicket, Yuvraj Singh who was the number 4 batsman of team India (and probably best all rounder in the international cricket at that time) had to play but

MS Dhoni who was the captain of the Indian cricket team who was leading the team in 2011 World Cup promoted himself to bat at number 4 over Yuvraj Singh because of a few reasons like there was a lot of pressure of runs at that moment and

it was a critical moment of the match because muththaiya Muralitharan who was the top spinner of the opponent team started his spell of bowling but fortunately MS Dhoni had faced against the spinner a lot in the IPL franchise in nets because both

of them were playing under the same franchise of CSK so Dhoni has promoted himself and it was a big turning point which no one expected but resulted in the victory of the match and India has won its second world cup in 2011 under the leadership of MS Dhoni and Dhoni had scored over 91 runs out of 79 deliveries was also selected as man of the match in the final of World Cup.

This is important for you to know that it is also very often in batting side of the team to frequently change the batting order depending upon the conditions,

situation of the game, the bowlers bowling and if you frequently watch test cricket in your television then you must have noticed that during the end of day in last hour or half an hour of the test match,

fast bowlers come out to bat especially in the second innings of the match over the other batsmen and they are called night watchman and they do this in order to end the day game & obviously the wicket of pure batsmen is more valuable for batting side so that he can score more runs in the next day match over that of a batsmen who is a bowler.

The batting order of the team will also change if the player gets injured or hurt, or the openers of the batting side lose their wicket early in the match like in Test cricket then the senior most cricketer will come out to bat and

there will be change in batting order so that the senior player can use his experience to absorb the pressure and build any partnership with other players and take the innings forward, & batting order will

change when the openners build incredible partnership and the Innings will come to an end then at end of innings attacking batsman will be promoted to score more runs if there are plenty of the wickets left in the team.

& It is good for the batting side if one of the two batsmen currently batting is right-handed, and the other left-handed. This makes it more difficult for bowlers to

settle into a constant rhythm of line, as they have to keep changing their line every time the batsmen swap ends. For this reason, captains occasionally make small changes in the batting order to ensure the incoming batsman will form a right/left combination with the not out batsman

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